Week 6: Fixing my mind

This week I struggled, yet again. I didn’t struggle with food or choice (thankfully), 
but with my mindset. I noticed that I almost convinced myself I couldn’t do this. I think it was a combination of bargaining myself right out of a healthy lifestyle and me believing I couldn’t actually sustain it; and I couldn’t achieve my health and fitness goals.
Or, I didn’t actually deserve it. Or, I couldn’t be that person, and I was kidding myself into ever thinking I could. 

I was shocked at my negativity and negative self talk. I always considered myself to be an optimist, but I think deep down when it comes to myself and my views of what I can achieve, I limit myself; thinking and expecting failure. I realised that in the past I have done before; accepting that giving up is just who I am and I can’t change it, so why try. I have done this many times in my life, not just with weight loss and fitness.
I never put in my best efforts because I don’t expect to succeed.

I decided to read through some affirmations about success, repeated it about 50 times, and basically convinced myself (temporarily) into believing I can do anything. It helped, and I felt good, but I feel like it’s going to take some time for me to get over this negativity and  convince myself that it is possible to succeed, understand why I do this; and seek ways to change my own mind … about myself!
Siham Arieff
Siham Arieff

Siham is a wellness writer, stroke survivor, mom of 3 and coffee lover on a health and fitness journey who recently relocated back home to Cape Town, South Africa.

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