Our first family hike in Cape Town




We went for our first family hike in Cape Town on Sunday afternoon. We visited Cape Point Nature Reserve and hiked (actually it was more of a walk for fit people) from Cape Point to The Cape of Good Hope. The views were exquisite.

The image above is of Diaz beach, we passed by.

My kids had a ball and I was so surprised at how fit they were and how I was actually the one who struggled. I thought I was in super fit mode with all my training in the weeks prior to the hike, but by the end I was panting going uphill to reach the end, while my daughter was at the top of the stairs saying “C’mon partner!”; and me trying to do everything in my power to pretend it was a breeze and I was just enjoying the view.

Even though it was tough, I loved every minute of it and we are planning to do a hike every month.

Details of the hike:

Starting point: Cape Point
Difficulty level: Easy/Beginner
Time: approximately 2 hours return (depending on how many kids you have)

You enter the Cape Point Nature Reserve. If you have a Wild Card then you will get a discount or even free entry. If not, its about R450 for a family (2 kids, 2 adults). Then drive go to the parking lot area at Cape Point. Just after the public toilets, you will see a sign for the Cape of Good Hope trail.  You will start at Cape Point, walk to Cape of Good Hope and return back to Cape Point.

The walk takes you along  the scenic jagged shoreline overlooking Diaz Beach. Half way through to reaching Cape of Good Hope, there is a staircase you can take all the way down to the beach. The water is quite cold though. Its not for swimming. There is also a lookout point just after the staircase.

I did the hike with my husband and three kids, an 11 year old, a 6 year old and a 1 year old. My husband carried our one year old in a hiking carrier.

What you need to take with you on the hike:

  1. Hats for everbody
  2. Water bottles – We bought water bottles at Sportsmans Warehouse that has a cylindrical ice pack that fits inside the bottle to keep the water cold.
  3. Snacks for afterwards – There is a restaurant and takeaway area but it gets full because of tourists, so its easier to pack a few snacks and leave it in a cooler box in the car. You won’t need much snacks on the actual hike if you had a good breakfast or a good lunch before you start.
  4. Sunscreen

Tips for families with kids

I would keep a close eye on younger kids because there are areas that are quite close to the edge, without a fence or enclosure. My kids are new to hiking, and they found this hike very easy and enjoyed the views, flowers, jumping over rocks and a little bit of climbing; but I needed to keep them away from the edges at some areas. If your kids follow instructions, then it will be fine. This is not ideal for a group of young kids, unless you have one dedicated adult to watch 2 of them.

There is a toilet area in the parking area, next to the starting point, but nothing else along the hike. So, make sure to take kids to the toilet before starting.

Cape Point Nature Reserve is a tourist attraction, so you could plan an entire day here. There is a kiosk, restaurant, beach (swimming) and braai (barbeque) area. They even have self catering accommodation next to the beach.

I think we we will be getting Wild Cards so that we can visit and enjoy the reserve regularly.








Siham Arieff
Siham Arieff

Siham is a wellness writer, stroke survivor, mom of 3 and coffee lover on a health and fitness journey who recently relocated back home to Cape Town, South Africa.

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