Week 2: Too Cool for School


The first week of eating clean was relatively easy. I did what I was supposed to do and I lost weight. I was happy and focused and it paid off. Then I started week 2 and I was feeling all ‘too cool for school’ walking around like a proud snooty fox thinking ‘I got this!’ ‘Hmmm, I know portion sizes,tsk tsk’, (feeling like an expert that’s been fit and losing weight for years!!!) ‘It’s ok, I’ll have an extra piece of dark choc cos, y’know, I know how to do this! Uh huh!’

As was walking around feeling fabulous, I had to check myself; stop and focus and say  to myself  ‘N0! you don’t know this! You only lost 3kg. Get off your high horse!! ’.

And I did. I changed my mindset and I lost another 1.6kg at my weekly Friday weigh-in.

I think we are living in a very dangerous culture of wanting instant gratification, where we need immediate satisfaction. After just one week, I fell into a trap of feeling like I achieved something and then I’m done with it. I feel good for a few days and then move onto something new to ‘achieve’ quickly.

This mindset will make you think you are achieving something but in actual fact you are not. It was just one small part of your initial long term goal!

I have learnt that I definitely need to force myself to be patient in this process as I get fit again and change my lifestyle and eating habits.

Siham Arieff
Siham Arieff

Siham is a wellness writer, stroke survivor, mom of 3 and coffee lover on a health and fitness journey who recently relocated back home to Cape Town, South Africa.

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